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Student Edition
Special Edition
for Students

In now a days Students are extensively using Internet for sharing information and gaining knowledge. A personal computer connected to the Internet without a anti-virus software can be hijacked in just a few minutes by automated hacker ''Bots''. The only way to make your computer 100% secure is to turn it off or disconnect it from the Internet.

The real issue is how to make your computer 100% secure when it is connected. Not having protection is like leaving your car running with the doors unlocked and the keys in it which a thief might interpret as "please steal me". So keeping this in mind India AntiVirus brings Student Edition at nominal cost to enjoy virus free life

The Virus attacks to your pc mostly by the following ways :

  • Internet
  • E-mails
  • Messenger Chatting
  • Digital Camera
  • Memory Card
  • USB Pen Drives
  • MP3 Player / iPods
  • Game / Entertainment CDs
  • Mobile Phones
  • Floppies, CDs etc..
Net Protector AntiVirus incorporates a very strong Anti-Virus and Internet Security to defend your PC from all such attacks and threats. Install Net Protector and use your PC for connecting to various devices safely. Your PC will remain protected from these latest new virus sources. So you can use the Internet and e-mail with full speed for study, work and entertainment.

Spywares generate a lot of Internet traffic and increase your Internet Bills and slow down / hangs your PC.

Net Protector
defends your PC from such spyware attacks and ensures your Home PC is Healty and fit and also internet bills are kept to minimum.

Net Protector

Internet Security
Single User Edition for 1 PC
Student Discounted Price
1 Year
Rs. 800 *
3 Years
Rs. 1600 *

* Terms and Conditions
1. Students need to submit photo copy of their ID card with attested from your college, to nearest Indiaantivirus sales office or to nearest dealer/ distributor.
2. Each student can opt for only single pack of Indiaantivirus.
3. Company has full rights to change offer, price and specification without notice.
4. This offer is valid till 15th Aug 2010.
5. All disputes are subject to competent courts in jurisdiction of Pune only.
6. This offer is valid only in India.

  • Free Phone / Email / Online best service / support from our Helpdesk.
  • *All Taxes and installation charges Extra.
  • Works on Desktop OS Windows 95 / 98 / NT / 2000 / ME / XP Professional / Vista / Windows 7