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Technical Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)
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21 I see this message : Sub = Time1_Timer : 13 Type Mismatch, How to solve ? 13 Type Mismatch
23 Hardware Lock / Sentinel Lock on Parallel Port or USB Dongle Lock
Used With: Sign Cutting Software
Flexisign Software / Plotter
Sign Cutting Machine / Printer
Special Software with Hardware Lock
Hardware Lock Problem
13 Problem in loading Net Protector AntiVirus : 13: Type mismatch Errors
2 I see files with .vir in my PC, what are these? If I do a thorough scan I keep seeing the same viruses again and again? General
3 I have a laptop, and my PC hangs on startup, how to solve ? Laptop
4 My PC is not getting updated automatically, what may be the reason ? Update
5 I want updates to happen automatically, how do I configure this ? Update
6 If I am on a LAN what is the special care I should take while first time scanning of PCs ? Network Security
7 What steps should an engineer do after installing and activating net protector anti-virus ? General
8 In scan options in Zero-V Scan I see many different Scan buttons like Scan Memory, Scan Windows Folder, Scan Drive or Folder. So do I need to perform all these different Scans ? Scaning
9 After above step, on loading of shield I see a message "Keep Blocking / Unblock... msvcasf " what to do ? General
1 I get the error "HHOpen.ocx file is missing or not correctly registered" General
11 After entering unlock code and clicking finish, I see a message "Zero-V shield is currently OFF, Turn it on Now" what to do? General
14 While loading display driver (intel graphics display driver), I get an error "Severe Problem" / "Access Denied" and display driver is not loaded. Display Driver
15 What are the steps for Installing Net Protector AntiVirus on Vista Operating System? VISTA
16 My Spyware update date shows it is 3 to 4 days behind from today, Do I need to worry? Spyware Updates
17 I have formatted the PC, and the activation code given to me is not working now what to do? Activation Code
18 I am not able to see Share / Stock Prices on financial sites OR I cannot see videos on YOU Tube or Google Video? Web Site Problem
20 What are the Outlook Settings for Sancharnet or Dataone e-mail account Outlook Settings
22 I had installed 15-Days Demo Verison which expired, Now I uninstalled and installed 1 Year License Version but still i get message "Subscription has expired"? Demo to License Version
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