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Latest Virus Updates
Keep your Net Protector Antivirus Software up-to-date by downloading latest updates.
Download the Latest Definition Updates :
Update File Name Release Date Size
Link 1 - Upgrade All

Link 2 - NPDownload.exe
(Fast Downloader with Resume facility)
Update Trouble : Download updfix.exe and run to solve
Offline Update Method for Virus Database :
1. Download the latest Upgrade All.exe file.
2. Copy this file to your Pen Drive or CD etc.
3. Run this file on NPAV PC without internet connection.
4. This utility will locate and update and upgrade the AntiVirus.
2. If you have a direct internet connection then it is recommended that you should update NPAV by using Update Antivirus.

Fast Hourly Updates
To get fast hourly update >> Right click Virus Shield >> Click on Update Antivirus >> Click on Download,
then you will receive fast hourly update Automatically.

Automatic hourly updates of anti-virus start in the background if you are connected to the internet for more than 10 minutes.
Latest Version Setup / Installation Files :
Install Type File Name Date Size
Net Protector 2013 InstallNP2013.exe
» Download Link 1
» Download Link 2
 (Fast Downloader with
 Resume facility)
NPDownload.exe N/A N/A
PC Optimizer InstallPCO.exe N/A N/A
 XP Doctor N/A N/A
Web Secure Websecure.exe N/A N/A
You can download the same file from Download Link 1 or Download Link 2